Guidelines to obtain a Privilege License in Batesville

Privilege License Application (3)

Guidelines to obtain a Privilege License in the City of Batesville:

  1. If you will be occupying a building in the City of Batesville, you must go to the Code Enforcement building (146 Public Square  Batesville, MS) in order to meet all the requirements for a Certificate of Occupancy.  If you do not have a building, a privilege license application CAN still be filled out. If your business will be located in your home inside Batesville City Limits, you will need to go to the Code Office, where they have a list of all “Home Businesses”.  If your business will be located in your home outside Batesville City Limits, you will just need to provide that information/address to Beverly.
  2. The owner’s name/name of the business where you will receive mail or any correspondence will be in the name and address area.
  3. Select the type of business you are offering, rather wholesale, retail, or a service.  Also select if the business is a corporation, individual, or partnership.
  4. If you select retail or wholesale, you should have a state sales tax ID number.  If you are in need of a and ID number, call the Department of Revenue at (601) 923-7015.
  5. The type of business you will be operating should be written along with when the business will begin operation.
  6. A total number of full time employees for a 12 month period should be given.
  7. The applicant will be the name of the person completing the application or it can remain blank.
  8. The business location is the physical address in the City of Batesville or the address of the residence the business is taking place (such as a home address) and a telephone number.
  9. If a new business will be selling clothing, goods, etc., their privilege license will be based on their assessed inventory (found on the back of the application).  All other businesses (factories, medical offices, etc.) will be assessed on the number of employees.
  10. If a business is selling food (which is cooked) you must present a Food Permit/Report to attach with the application.  A business CAN NOT receive a license until the Food Permit is presented/attached.  If a business is selling alcohol, and additional $15.00 is added and collected with all the other fees. If a business has a vending or gaming machines, there is an additional charge as well located on the back of the application.
  11. If all the necessary information is received, Beverly Pope will write a receipt for the necessary amount collected.  You will be informed that you will receive the permit around the 1st of the month and it should be renewed annually.